at the Fair

Emergency and first aid service

Movelsul will offer outpatient services provided by Resgate Sul in an area located in Pavilion A, next to CAEX – the Exhibitor Service Center.
Bom Sucesso Drugstore will have a wide range of medicines, perfumery and personal hygiene products for sale.

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Communication Center

Bit Com, the company hired by Fundaparque – administrator of Parque de Eventos – will provide internet services. Two types of services will be available - wireless internet and cable internet, with the option to use a route. To contract the internet service, e-mail or phone 55 54 9 9637 2164 / 55 54 9 9637 2112

This area will also have copy services available.
During the fair, the Communication Center will be open to exhibitors in Pavilion C, next to the ramp.

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Parking lot

The parking lot is managed by AD Serviços and supervised by Fundaparque.

  • • During the installation on March 10 (Saturday – 7 am to 9 pm) and March 11 (Sunday – 7 am to 3 pm).
  • Fee per vehicle: R$ 10
    * After 3 pm on March 11, the parking lot at Parque de Eventos will be closed.
  • • During the fair, March 12 - 15 (Monday to Thursday) 8 am – 8 pm.
  • Fee per vehicle: R$ 20
    Fee per motorcycle: R$ 10
  • A new option provided this year is an indoor parking area in Pavilion E: Fee per vehicle: R$ 30

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Lockers located at the mezzanine in Pavilion A are provided by the fair free of charge.

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Information desks are located in Pavilions A, B and D.

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Connection is available at the Communication Center located in Pavilion C, next to the ramp. There is a choice of a daily fee of R$ 30 or R$ 120 for the entire fair. Important: the password is valid for only one user.

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The Food Truck Nega Maluca managed by Chef Ita, located outdoors, will offer visitors snacks, an a la carte menu and a choice of drinks.

The food court located in pavilion C will feature:
  • • Amo-te Lisboa – sweets, pastry, coffee and a choice of drinks
  • • Burguer Brothers - snacks
  • • Novo Sabor Panquecas – crepes
  • • Primazia Alimentos – capeletti soup, cold meats, pastry and sweets

Pavilion B will feature:
  • • Primazia Café - fast food
  • • Super Grepar – supplies for the booths, snacks, fast food and drinks in general
  • • SUD Birrificio Artigianale - the Brazilian Capital of Wine is also home to the great Sud brewery, which will be serving draft and craft beer.
    Here is a tip for those who want to visit Sud brewery:
    Include a special visit to the BREWERY in your tour itinerary to get to know the details and the steps to produce beer.
    Enjoy the experience of tasting different types of craft beer and buying products and souvenirs at the company outlet.
    Working hours: Monday through Saturday – 9.15 am to 5 pm. Sunday and holidays: 11 am to 4 pm.
  • • Refinaria Deli Gourmet - sale of wines, happy hour with still and sparkling wines and juices sold by the glass and daily tasting courses at 7 pm. Visit our virtual store and learn more about what Refinaria will be taking to the fair

Pavilion F will feature:
  • Trailer Colheita Butique Sazonal will serve pizzas, sandwiches, cold meats, cheese bread, pies, homemade cakes, coffee, tea, draft beer, soft drinks, water and sparkling wine

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The Sabor do Vale Restaurant offers a breakfast and lunch buffet system on a daily basis. Having a modern and air-conditioned atmosphere in an ample space, it is conveniently located on the left of the main entrance to the fair.
Phone 55 54 3452.7976 or e-mail

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Sound system

A sound booth is available in Pavilion A, next to CAEX – Exhibitor Service Center to contact people at the show who do not a phone connection.

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Taxi and Uber

Taxis and Ubers will be admitted to the show premises by registering with the parking concierge, in compliance with the regulations establiseed by AD Serviços. After droping off passengers, drivers must leave Parque de Eventos immediately.

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Airplane tickets

Airplane tickets at a discount price for Movelsul 2018 offering up to 20% off, valid for LATAM airline. Children and infants are not entitled to the discount.

Check the discounts valid for domestic flights from March 8 to 18 paid in four installments by credit card for individuals.

Consult the agency recommended by Movelsul for the promotional fares:
Rymcatur Agência de Viagens Ltda Phones: 55 54 2621.4481 / 55 54 2621.4453
Contact Marcelo Brandão:

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Shuttle service

For the convenience of exhibitors and visitors, Movelsul Brasil provides free shuttle service from the airports located in Porto Alegre and Caxias do Sul and from the hotels with an agreement with the show located in Bento Gonçalves and Caxias do Sul.
To use the service, visitors must show their registration confirmation or their business card.

Visit the shuttle service link to check the timetable and routes. Click here!

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Show premises shuttle service

Movelsul provides eight vans to pick up and drop off exhibitors and visitors in the area just outside Parque de Eventos and in the parking lot.

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Leisure Time

In Pavilion C, across from the food court, you can find:
  • • Florybal Chocolates / Chocolates
  • • Camisas Leve Serra Gaúcha / Wine lovers t-shirts
  • • Dom Quixote Livraria / Bookstore
  • • Bento Convention Bureau / Souvenirs
    • La Vigna Especialidades Regionais
    • Casa Bucco Destilados Artesanais
    • Zaccaron Alimentos
    • Biscotteria Itallinni
    • Arte de Rua
    • Artesanato Bento
    • Casa da Confecção Caminhos de Pedra
    • Cristófoli Vinhedos e Vinhos Finos
    • Devorata Trufas Artesanais
    • Malhas G’Dom
  • • Iva Espaço da Beleza e Barbearia La Facción / Beauty salon and barber shop
  • • Charger Plus carregamento de smartphones / Smartphones charging kiosks
  • • Giordani Turismo receptivo e passeios / Tour company
  • • Casa da Ovelha / Souvenirs
  • • Turcâmbio / Exchange Office
  • • Água de Cheiro / Perfumery
  • • Nilko Armários com fecho eletrônico / Cabinets with electronic lock

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Short Tasting Courses

SHORT TASTING COURSES by sommeliers from wine companies based in Bento Gonçalves
  • March 12 – 6 pm - Vinícola Marco Luigi
  • March 13 – 6 pm and 7 pm – Vinícola Salton
  • March 14 – 6 pm and 7 pm – Vinícola Pizzato
  • March 15 – 6 pm and 7 pm – Vinícola Don Giovanni

Register at the information desks or on-site up to 30 minutes before the course starts.
Venue: Refinaria Deli Gourmet - Pavilion B

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Press Room

In pavilion A there is a space reserved for the press to make interviews, with internet connection and relevant information about the event.

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