Buyer’s Project are the opportunity to have business meetings with exporting exhibitors companies from Movelsul Brasil, through meetings scheduled in advance.

To sign up at the Project, please, fill the form bellow and travel to biggest furniture fair of Latin America with all Travel and Accommodation expenses paid by us.

For more information, please, contact us by e-mail

In the new format of the Business Meetings, short meetings will happened inside which exhibitor both, with the objective of negotiate their products and services, and make partnerships.

How does it work?
Companies that are exhibitors at Movelsul Brasil can registered for the Buyer's Project taking part in Business Meetings with the Importers invited to participate in the Project. Before the event each registered buyers receives a catalog containing the profile of each exhibiters and a form to be completed by the company in order to request meetings with exhibiters of their interest. This form will be submitted to the Buyer's Project Management so that the meeting timetable is drawn up.

The schedule is prepared according to the profile of the participants, enabling businessmen to show in a short period of time their products and services in an objective and effective way, contacting exhibitors of their interest.

1. Companies interested in taking part in the business meetings have to complete the questionnaire and send it to the Management of the Buyer's Project.
2. The company will have to take part in all scheduled meetings, following the timetable.
3. Importers must participate in the afternoon meetings on March, 24, 25, 26. Therefore, importers cannot accept invitations to leave the meetings by other companies to visit the factories during the meetings.
4. Importers will be asked to complete a form at the end of the meetings in order to evaluate the results obtained from the Project.

Fill out the Registration Form
Company Data
Guest Name:
1. Primary Business:
2. What kind of furniture would you like to import from Brazil?
3. Are you interested in licencing agreement with brazilian designers?
4. Specify the main raw material:
5. Specify the style of the furniture:
6. Have you already conducted business with Brazilian companies?
Please, specify the companies you have dealt with.
7. What other countries do you currently buy from?
8. What kind of costumers do you deal with:
9. Total value (USD) of imported furniture in the year:
10. Number of Stores / Warehouses:
11. Number of employees:
14. Brand used:
13. During business meetings you will have a translator to help.
What language should this person speak?

All the information specified in this form will be assessed by our organization in order to confirm the participation of your company in this event. The information above will be kept in our files and will be used solely for the purpose of selection of prospective participants of the project. Remember the sooner you send the filled-out form to us the sooner you will be ready to participate.