• May 22 2017

    The Design under the Skin Project organized by Sindmóveis holds a show in New york

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The Brazilian furniture that uses leather in its creation process has a special place in the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), the main global design showcase in North America, May 21-24 during the New York Design Week. To show the creative use of the material and its applicability, the project brought together three designers who participate in the Raiz Project, furniture companies and Brazilian tanneries.

The result of these trios is a capsule-collection of innovative pieces that demonstrate the valuable combination between furniture design and leather. The partnerships consist of Jader Almeida + Sollos + JBS Couros and Nova Kaeru; Lattoog + Moora + Rusan and Marta Manente + Móveis BRV + Krumenauer Couros.

The projects developed by Sindmóveis aimed at the development of the Brazilian furniture industry, in partnership with Apex-Brasil include the Orchestra Brasil Project, which encourages the excellence of Brazilian suppliers to the furniture industry and encompasses the Raiz Project, which fosters the internationalization of the Brazilian designer services. It is through this branch that Sindmóveis participates in the Design under the Skin Project.

This strategic action plan run by the Center of Brazilian Tanneries (CICB) conveys in its essence all Sindmóveis' efforts to promote and enhance the Brazilian design. This goal is part of the association’s DNA and has permeated all its actions for almost 30 years, with the establishment of the Salão Design Award in 1988 and the high-end furniture fair Casa Brasil in 2007.

Brazil will also be represented at ICFF by 13 Brazilian design studios supported by the Raiz Project for the internationalization of the design service (Apex-Brasil + Sindmóveis Bento Gonçalves). They will have individual booths supported by the project: Marta Manente, Guilherme Wentz, Jader Almeida, NDT Brazil, Guto Índio da Costa, estudiobola, Paulo Alves, Lattoog, Noemi Saga, Studio Poli, Sergio Matos, Fahrer Design and Tora Brasil. 

Products developed for Design under the Skin Project

Jader Almeida + Sollos + JBS Couros and Nova Kaeru

Mia chair has pirarucu leather of Nova Kaeru and solid wood structure.

Lattoog + Moora + Rusan

The Sernambetiba chair features suede, which resembles the touch of skin and gives warmth to the product. The structure is made of metal.                                                          

Marta Manente + BRV Móveis + Krumenauer Couros

The leather straps are woven and braided providing a handcrafted look to the Revoar swing, a piece made from curved plywood and gold zamack accessories.