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    Movelsul Brasil 2018: a great show for the resumption of growth in the furniture industry

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The main furniture retailers in Brazil and importers of 50 nationalities are expected to come to Bento Gonçalves (RS) from March 12 - 15, 2018, to attend the 21st Movelsul Brasil - the leading furniture trade show in Latin America for professional visitors. For four days, Serra Gaúcha will exhibit the products launched by the furniture industry that will indicate the trends to the retail trade for the second half of next year, expecting to heat up the market.

The fair brings together 200 manufacturers of furniture for offices, kitchens, bedrooms, laundry rooms, bathrooms, gardens, dining and living rooms, in addition to rugs, upholstery and mattresses. Important companies that have confirmed their participation in the show include Kappesberg, Carraro Móveis, CBP Colchões, Tramontina, Bertolini, Telasul, Santos Andirá, Caemmun and Kits Paraná.

Organized since 1977 by the Furniture Industry Association of Bento Gonçalves (Sindmóveis), Movelsul Brasil will hold its 21st show with the merit of not only having consolidated the local furniture industry’s position as the main in Brazil but also having enhanced the performance of companies in the domestic and international market. Proof of this is the traditional Buyer’s Project, which encourages exports during the fair. The last show, held in 2016, Movelsul Brasil received 29,000 professional visitors from 48 countries.


Bento Gonçalves: home to furniture, innovation and tourism


The consolidation of the furniture producing companies based in Bento Gonçalves, currently the largest hub in Brazil in terms of the number of pieces produced (IEMI), is largely related to the history of the Furniture Industry Association of Bento Gonçalves  (Sindmóveis) and the Movelsul Brasil trade fair. Consisting of 300 companies, it accounts for 41% of the local industry. In 2016, the local furniture industry grossed R$ 1.81 billion.


Within the manufacturing industry, this segment is the one that most employs. Therefore, it contributes significantly to the economic and social development of the city, which has 114,000 inhabitants (IBGE, 2016). Bento Gonçalves, considered the Brazilian Grape and Wine Capital, is the first region in Brazil to obtain the Indication of Origin for its wines and also the Denomination of Origin for Vale dos Vinhedos. It is one of the 65 Tourism Inducing Destinations in Brazil.

Believing in the resumption of the furniture industry’s performance based on the results obtained in recent months, the 21st Movelsul Brasil enhances the tourist attractions of Serra Gaucha and the tradition of its furniture producing area by using a design motto. The furniture fair campaign entices exhibitors and visitors: “Design is in our nature.”


Design is in Movelsul Brasil’s DNA, in the fair on a daily basis, in the environment of Bento Gonçalves, in the landscape, in everything that surrounds this great furniture and wine producing region. This terroir that exists in the furniture industry based in Bento Gonçalves is the great competitive edge of the region, playing an outstanding role in the marketing campaign of the event. No other furniture fair is set in the main wine tourism destination in Brazil. When shopkeepers and importers come to Serra Gaúcha to do good business with the exhibiting companies, Sindmóveis wants and encourages them to also get to know good wines, to enjoy beautiful landscapes and our excellent tourist attractions.


The president of Sindmóveis, Edson Pelicioli, explains that the campaign - created by the República das Ideias agency - depicts other attributes of the city in addition to its furniture industry: innovation, hospitality and wellness are also part of our nature. "A furniture fair can be held anywhere, but our history and the legacy of this furniture producing area is what makes Movelsul Brasil a unique event for the industry, considering, also, the excellence of Sindmóveis Bento Gonçalves in the organization of the event," he points out.


Concurrent initiatives strengthen the generation of

business and knowledge


Movelsul Buyer’s Project will be the largest in its history


Betting on the optimism of the furniture industry in relation to the international market, Movelsul Brasil is preparing the largest Buyer’s Project of its history for 2018. There will be 50 foreign shopkeepers and distributors invited to negotiate with Brazilian companies and designers in business meetings held during the fair, from March 12 - 15, 2018.

Such initiatives reinforce the commitment of Sindmóveis Bento Gonçalves to the woodworking industry as a whole, including the suppliers of inputs and technologies, manufacturing companies and the service provided by designers. The president of Sindmóveis, Edson Pelicioli, believes that Movelsul Brasil is a sales and positioning strategy, strengthened by the initiatives focused on the export of Brazilian furniture. "We believe that the size of the international market and the potential of the furniture industry more than justify investments in exports and international business."

Exports from the Brazilian industry in 2017 were relevant and grew more than the agribusiness exports. The Movelsul Brasil Buyer’s Project is carried out by Sindmóveis Bento Gonçalves with the support of Apex-Brasil, through  sector-based projects including the Brazilian Furniture (Abimóvel) and the Raiz Project (Sindmóveis).


Retail Project: an initiative aimed at Brazilian shopkeepers


The main new feature of the next Movelsul Brasil will be the Retail Project, an important initiative that challenges exhibitors to develop products signed by designers that meet the specific demands of the domestic retailer trade. Tying together the fair, the industry, the designers and the retail trade, the project increases the harmony between the furniture sector and the main current national players in the retail trade.

In order to list these demands for innovation, product type and sales appeal, the Sindmóveis team conducted a qualitative research in recent months surveying some of the main store chains that buy from the furniture companies that exhibit at Moveslsul Brasil. The compilation of this information resulted in the development of new pieces that will be exhibited during the fair. The furniture must be signed by in-company designers or hired studios.

These new products shown at the exhibitor’s booth will be highlighted during Movelsul Brasil 2018 by bearing a seal that attests to their participation in the project and the concern of the company in welcoming and meeting the demands of the retail trade.


Salão Design Award 30th anniversary


The Salão Design Award, the largest product design award in Latin America, will present during Movelsul Brasil 2018 the award-winning entries of this competition that is celebrating its 30th anniversary organized by Sindmóveis Bento Gonçalves. The award was established in 1988 as a concurrent project of the fair aiming to encourage the furniture industry to add value to their products through design.

This competition is now in its final judging phase. In January, the 58 finalists will be evaluated in Bento Gonçalves by the judging panel that consists of designers Bruno Faucz, Brunno Jahara, Letícia Grisa, Nicole Tomazi and Salvatore Figliuzzi from Germany. The competing products come from Brazil, Argentina, Cuba and Uruguay.

This year the competition had some changes in its regulations. The traditional categories have been replaced with awards in the first, second and third places for each class - Student, Professional and Industry/Retail. Three super-awards will also be given to the best products of this event. The traditional prizes that are still being awarded include the Master Teacher trophy for the best products developed by students and the Alternative Woods Award, given in partnership with the Brazilian Forest Service to recognize the use of wood considered not widely used in the industry.

With a history of 14,213 projects entered to date, the Salão Design Award is sponsored by Berneck and Interprint.


Movelsul Forum: Reinventing the retail trade – All line consumption

The generation of knowledge for the woodworking industry will be highlighted during Movelsul Brasil 2018 with the Movelsul Forum. With the theme Reinventing the retail trade - All line consumption, the event will have lectures on March 13, 14 and 15, always from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., at Centro Empresarial Bento Gonçalves (entrance at Parque de Eventos).

            There will be two lectures a day, open to the entire woodworking industry. This event will have limited vacancies and the paid registrations can be made at the fair website. Confirmed speakers include Ricardo Morales from Netshoes Mexico; Salvatore Figliuzzi, German designer from Interprint; Felipe Pojo, from IBM Watson and Francisco Kieling Lumertz, from Selcon Consultoria, a consultancy firm specializing in negotiations and sales.



More about Movelsul Brasil


At the end of the 1960s, the furniture industry based in Bento Gonçalves started to thrive. In a few years, it became the main economic activity in the city, surpassing the traditional and centenary wine industry. With the development of the sector, the Furniture Industry Association of Bento Gonçalves was established in April 1977 (Sindmóveis), and at the same time the fair was organized.

The furniture fair of Bento Gonçalves came in a favorable period, boosted by the optimism of the local businessmen with the growth of the furniture industry. The first show was held as a concurrent event of Fenavinho, in the year when the furniture industry was consolidated as a leading economic activity in the city, bringing together 24 exhibitors

In 1988, the fair was named Movelsul and brought together more than 100 exhibitors. That date also marked the first Salão Design Award, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary promoting design as a competitive edge for the furniture industry. The internationalization of the fair was consolidated in 2000, when the first Buyer’s Project took place


Considered the largest furniture fair in Latin America, the show has been promoting the development of the national furniture industry, strengthening the commercial relations between the industry and its customers and encouraging exports through initiatives aimed at the international market, which is a consumer of Brazilian furniture.


Service | Movelsul Brasil 2018


Furniture and accessories fair for shopkeepers and specifiers

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Free admission by registering. Open only to professional visitors (shopkeepers, sales representatives, architects, designers, interior decorators, importers, building professionals and the press)


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